There is a comprehensive web page providing information to travellers coming to Bermuda written by the Bermuda Tourism Authority here.

Click on the link for the application for a Bermuda Visitors Travel Authorisation.

A list of our transport options from the airport can be found here.

You can either ask your taxi driver if he/she will stop at the grocery store on the way up from the airport or you can place an online order with our local supermarket, the Somerset Marketplace, and to be collected on the morning of your arrival. Let me know the time and I will deliver to the unit for you. Please note food costs in Bermuda are pretty high, as you can see from the web ordering site. At times choices can be limited, if you have any “specialty” items that you would miss I would recommend bringing them with you.

Please make sure you bring beach shoes as our beach is not one of the South Shore beaches with surf; it’s a quieter beach off Mangrove Bay. It sometimes has sharp rocks, particularly when the sand moves.

The general information about COVID-19 provided by the government for visitors to our Island can be found here