Car Rental

Please note you cannot rent full size cars in Bermuda, however you can rent a mini-cars.  These can only take 2 people.

There is the TWIZZY from Current Vehicles Bermuda;

A Tazzari or Anaig Quick from Oleander Cycles;

The Bermi 200 and Bermi 400 from Local Motion Limited and

The Gem from Rugged Rentals


#1 we drive on the left (UK-style).

#2 the speed limit is s 22 mph / 35 k ph.

#3 seatbelts are mandatory.

Cycle Rentals

The island has a number of Scooter rental companies for the intrepid explorers with motorcycle experience and or great insurance coverage! (Seriously, be very careful out there!)

Oleanders Cycles

Smatts Cycles

Eve Cycles



Public Transportation

The public transportation system is an economical option. You can obtain public transportation passes which work on both buses and ferries

General Bus Tips

Bermuda bus stops have poles that are either blue or pink in color. While you might find small concrete hut like structures at some bus stops which are the waiting areas for passengers, but some bus stops in Bermuda may just be a pole on the road jutting out from the ground. So look for the pole rather than the shade of a typical bus stop.

A pole may be pink or blue in color. If the pole is pink, the bus you will get is returning to Hamilton City at the central bus terminal near City Hall. If the pole is blue, the bus is going out of Hamilton to other destinations. The buses have the final destination displayed in front of them so that you know where the bus is going. In order to stop a bus, you need to stand by the pole so that the bus driver can clearly see you.

When you board a bus, how do you figure out where to get off? The best way is to ask the driver to let you know when your destination stop arrives and try to take a seat close to him. Most drivers will be glad to call out the stop so that you can get off. However during busy time and in a crowded bus, he may not always remember.


Your Bus Stop Specifically

With a Bus Stop mere yards from Watford Studios accommodation, the full breadth of the islands Bus System is waiting to take you to your next excursion.

Our Bus stop is located on both route 7 (Serving South Shore and it’s famous beaches) and 8 (Servicing Middle Road)

These routes travel Westward from Hamilton to Dockyard and Eastward in the reverse.

There are also 7 and 8 route Buses headed to ‘Barnes Corner’, ‘Cedar Hill’ and ‘Somerset’.

Of these, the ‘Somerset’ Line ends 2 bus stops short of us, which puts you in the nearby Somerset Village, a three minute walk away

To get home, you want to wait at a Blue Bus Pole for a Bus with 7 or 8 as its route number with Dockyard or Somerset as its Destination. (Assuming you are not in Dockyard, in which case you want any Bus at all, heading out of Dockyard!)

The full Bus Schedule effective 1st January, 2022 can be found at the Government Department of Transport’s web page

Ferries – Watford Bridge

Watford Bridge Ferry stop is a few short steps from our units and is a convenient and beautiful way to get around the island.  Please note this ferry is a commuter ferry and operates between 7 a.m. – 9 a.m.  and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.  The link to the exact schedule is provided below.  The Dockyard Ferry is a which is an 8-10 minute Bus Ride away and provides service all day. 

 Summer Ferry Schedule 2023 

Winter Ferry Schedule 2023 

The Summer Ferry Schedule is normally released at the end of April

Watford Bridge is on the Green Route, whilst Dockyard is on the Blue Route.