Taxi Drivers we recommend:
Sylvia E. Wilson: (441) 337-1687 (c)
Paul Trew: (441) 504-1448 (c)
Ronnie Schraders (441) 532-3620 (c)
Claudette Rasheed (441) 734-8092 (c)
Eddie Robinson: (441) 735-1660 (c)
The ride will be approximately 50 minutes.  You may want to ask to stop at a grocery store on the way up.  Average fare is in the region of $55 one-way.


Beeline Transportation charge $36 per person for a round trip. Children under the age of 5 years travel free.  Contact Terrence Simons by email ( with the following information:

Arrival & Departure dates & flight number:
Destination address: Watford Studio I or II, 3 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandys
Number of persons and Payment method: Mastercard/Visa/Cash.
If payment is by credit card, details can be collected on arrival.

Eve’s Cycles

An interesting option for guests intending to rent a motor scooter, is to rent from Eve’s Cycles, who will bring your cycle to the airport and then drop your luggage off at Watford Studios for you.   For more information please go to Eve’s Cycles directly at

Public Transportation/Bus & Ferry system

1) Get a bus from the airport to Hamilton and then a ferry to Watford Bridge (or Dockyard & then bus to Watford Bridge)
2) Alternatively, if you arrive early enough in the day get a bus to St. Georges, a ferry to Dockyard and then a bus to Watford Bridge

Please note:
(1) hand luggage is permitted on buses – suitcases are not!
(2) the Bus and Ferry Schedules linked to below are winter schedules which operate on a reduced basis.

Bus Schedule

Please note we are on Route 7 (South Shore & Beaches) & 8 (Middle Road) both finish in Hamilton

Marine & Ports website (Sea Express) for the

Ferry Schedule