Local Restaurants

There a few restaurants within walking distance. I’ve listed in order of proximity to the unit and I’ve put in links to tripadvisor for independent reviews.
Cafe du Quai is practically on the doorstep at the Watford Ferry Dock
Woody’s – best fish sandwich!
The Salt Rock Grill (with Sushi Bar) [may not be open this season]
Thel’s – a small hole in the wall type Cafe
The Somerset Country Squire (pub style burger & chips place – great for lobster in season!)
There are 3 Restaurants at Cambridge Beaches, a local cottage colony/hotel Breezes (www.breezesbermuda.com) which is right on the Beach at Somerset Long Bay, Shutters (poolside dining) (http://www.shuttersbermuda.com/) and the Tamarisk Room which is more formal dining.
Suds at Nine Beaches
There are more restaurants in Dockyard which is about 10 mins on the bus.
The Dockyard Pastry Shop is one of my favourites!!
The Frog N’ Onion Pub – they brew their own beer
The Bonefish Bar & Grill
Cafe Amici (love their pizzas!)
The Freeport Seafood Restaurant
 Hammerhead’s Bar & Grill @ Snorkel Park
If you want take out Four Star Pizza will deliver to the unit.  Also  Five Star Home Delivery Service which will deliver to the unit from a number of restaurants from all over the Island (they will also deliver groceries if you prefer to cook your own!)